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Mark Madrid

Mark Madrid was born November 23, 1994 in Cheyenne, WY. Formatively living between Cheyenne and various parts of central Texas due to a divorce at a young age, Mark moved around a great deal. In elementary school, Mark began band which led to a passion for percussion, weird beats and things his wife can’t seem to get right. As a young adolescent, Mark’s older brother, Paul Dunlevy, gave him his first guitar. Obviously, he excelled at it. He began learning covers of his favorite songs and as a teenager, he even began writing some originals. I (Sara) recommend “Telescopic Eyes” (available on iTunes and Spotify under his name) as a must-experience. His originals included serious topics including addiction and being a Christian in an un-Christian world, but also had some of his quirkiness, like writing a cliche love song or a song about a hungry man who likes Mexican food. Mark as young adult was the frontman for Path to Persona, which included arranging music and playing rad guitar solos. He drummed for Josh Gonzales Band and for the LCCC Jazz Band. He became serious about his walk with God after quitting both bands, his job, selling all of his possessions, and hitch-hiking to a homeless shelter in Texas. Shortly after his return, his life was forever changed when he met myself, his loving wife.
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Sara Madrid

Sara Madrid was born April 13, 1998 in Fort Hood Army Base, Killeen, TX, but was “Made in Korea” and eventually wound up in Cheyenne, WY after several moves due to her father who was in the military. Growing up with two older siblings, and a younger one, Sara had a relatively normal home life, and eventually found God on her own without the Christian household upbringing. She began singing at a young age, picked up violin in elementary school, and eventually started playing ukulele, as well. Originally intending to be a surgeon, or a teacher, Sara eventually set her eyes on music after being granted a full-ride to the local college due to her vocal prowess. Once arrested for being too beautiful, Sara was released two days later. (Okay, that last one was not true, but as her husband, I would definitely arrest her on those charges if I were an officer.) With good grades, no criminal history, and an appetite for knowledge, Sara met me, her dumb-joke-loving husband, and asked me out (I know, lucky guy) after a college music rehearsal.
(Photo Credit: Courtney Walston)

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The Madrids

After an incredibly short period of dating, Mark felt the calling to make Sara his wife, and after slyly misdirecting Sara into a radio station in Cheyenne, WY (she thought they were playing a duet), Mark announced to the radio host that no one (not even his lovely girlfriend at the time) had heard the song he was about to perform. He proposed with an original tune, Sara said yes, and they were married September 1, 2017. In the short time they have been married, the Madrids have felt the pulling of God to maintain closeness in everything (Mark 10:9 “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”) They decided to put both of their passions together and create a career in music, and then 13:34 was born. With future plans to write marriage books, write countless records, and potentially open up a non-profit one day, 13:34 has been feeling the favor of God in every area of their lives.